Friday, January 20, 2006

Google fights "the man"

The government has subpoenaed Google's (and other search engines) databases in an effort to find support for a child pornography law which is floundering in the court system. They are asking for any data Google may have collected on one million random web site searches.
They've got to be kidding, right? Last time I checked, a subpoena has to ask for specific information. You can't just throw a fishing net out there and hope something good comes up. This is exactly the sort of request the government denies when it is asked for supposedly secret information - - even when that information is vital to a case. Opening up a database lays it all out there. Sure, they may find what they need, but any other info which happens to be in there also becomes public information. Can of worms, man. Keep fighting the good fight, Google. Hit the link below for the Wired take on this story.

Google won't hand over files

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