Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Undo your "DOH!"

Ever empty your desktop recycle bin and then say, in your best Ron Burgundy voice, "I immediately regret this decision"? I'm so efficient that I don't usually even use the recycle bin -- I just hit Shift+Delete, which, of course, is an even faster way to screw yourself over. Don't fret. Restoration is here to save the day. This free program allows you to sort through data which has been deleted from your system and recover it to the world of the living. You did know that deleting files doesn't completely remove them from your computer, right? Yeah, you should be worried if you've got something to hide. Anyway, I'm going to give Restoration a try and I'll let ya'll know if it works as advertised.

Download of the Day: Restoration - Lifehacker

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