Wednesday, January 25, 2006

West Virginia gets it's groove on

Now here's a state that's thinking outside of the box when it comes to dropping the poundage. The AP is reporting that West Virginia has rolled out a fitness program for all of it's middle schools that involves playing Dance Dance Revolution. DDR is that game you see in the corner of your local Gameworks. You know, the one surrounded by people who look like they should be holding glow sticks. State officials think that offering up non-traditional exercise options may be the ticket to keeping kids active. The program has already passed the testing phase with flying colors and if it continues to do well they plan to extend the program even further.

W.Va. Schools Get Game to Fight Obesity [Via Engadget]


Jay Pea Are said...

This is just another ploy for the chinos to taks over america. Those slanty eyed yellows hate us, the fat round eye.

Alex said...

Now, now. No hating here, buddy.