Thursday, February 09, 2006

Catsuits for Space Rangers

Researchers from MIT are working on a project to revolutionize the spacesuit. You are all familiar with the "one small step for man" look. The current design depends on the life support system to keep it pressurized -- so a failure in one system would endanger the whole unit. The idea here is to create a form-fitting "second skin". The change should deal with the challenges or pressurization and radiation protection without including other life support in the same unit. This flexible design would allow the astronaut to easily add additional protections or remove faulty equipment on the fly. According to the article, researchers should have a full-scale prototype ready within ten months.

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Jay Pea Are said...

I am glad that NASA is planning on these more form fitting spacesuits becasue the astronauts can now show off their sexy bods. The other suits are just not flattering at all.

frenchie said...

I agree with pea. Maybe they could add a little color too while they're at it. White is soooo 20th century.

Alex said...

Are you kidding? I think a little something called the iPod would beg to differ. White is sooo the new black.