Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dads-to-be pile on the pounds too

Now I don't feel so bad about some recent poundage I've been packing on. Yes, I find comfort in comparing my life experiences to those of our simian friends. Need a quote to totally justify my fatnicity?

"Dads-to-be pile on the pounds during their partner's’ pregnancy too, – at least in some monkey species, new research suggests. The findings may illuminate the biological changes that occur in men to encourage effective fatherhood, since the primates studied are exceptionally good parents."
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Jay Pea Are said...

All this story proves is that you are closer related to me than you wish to admit.

Juan Too Tree said...

That explains my weight gain over the last year. I'm not having a kid, but every woman around me seems to be pregnant lately , making me fat.

Alex said...

Juan too tree, I would start to worry if this trend of being surrounded by pregnant women continues much longer. Do you ever black out and then wake up several hours later not being able to account for the missing time?

juan too tree said...

I'm sorry alex. Juan Too Tree isn't here right now. This is his american lover alter-ego, Steven Pluswon.