Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Let's not poo-poo the idea yet

San Francisco is a very progressive city. It's home to high art, deep geeks, and alternative lifestyles. And like any progressive city, San Francisco is giving serious thought to what it's going to do with its dog poo. "What?", you say. Yes, canine fecal matter is on the hearts and minds of officials in The City. According to a study quoted by Reuters, four percent of San Francisco's residential waste is comprised of animal droppings. That's a whole lot of brown. But not to worry, Norcal Waste Systems has a plan. Their idea is to collect the posterior issuance and process it to extract methane gas using excrement-chomping microorganisms. The resulting methane could then be used to create electricity. Joking aside, this sounds like an excellent solution to deal with a waste issue and simultaneously create a renewable energy source.

Of course, the other bonus of this story is the opportunity to use various and sundry synonyms for #2 (there I go again).

Science News Article | Reuters.com


Jay Pea Are said...

This plan of transfering waste into energy is #1......for me to go #2 on.

Alex said...

You see . . . I toss 'em right down the middle, and you knock 'em out of the park.