Monday, February 20, 2006

Powerweb Technology

I'm not sure if you, dear reader, are into the Olympics as much as I am, but cool is cool either way, right? So you'll have to forgive yet another post on ski-unis. Adidas has developed what it's calling "Powerweb Technology" and has incorporated said tech into its cross-country skiing suits. The basic idea behind those black bands is to tie the racer's muscle groups to the body's core. The bands provide compression to the arms, legs, and back which keeps everything snug and reduces fatigue from muscle-wobble (that's totally a medical term). The bands also work like springs, emphasizing the skier's movements and giving more explosiveness to each stride. It may sound like a bunch of hogwash, but Adidas' research has shown positive results:

Of course the advantages of the new suit have also been thoroughly tested. In controlled laboratory tests conducted together with the University of Calgary, an average 5.3% improvement in energy output and 1.1% faster sprint time was measured over 30 meters. But most importantly, the testers registered a 1.3% reduction in oxygen consumption on test subjects wearing the new suit. A clear indication that the onset of fatigue is delayed.
I've got a theory that one of these uniforms would really help me answer email faster and get to the printer and copier more efficiently. Fatigue seems to always set in on that final lap to the water cooler. Do you think this would look a little weird with a tie. Of course, I'll need a new one because I don't have anything that goes with Powerweb.

The Swiss and German cross-country teams are already using Adidas' new skiwear at the Olympics in Torino. Go ahead and wish them luck since we 'muricans don't have a shot in hell at competing in these races.

adidas develops new cross-country suit: Clima TechFit™ featuring Powerweb Technology
[Via Gizmag]

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Jay Pea Are said...

You have given us alot of info about this new technology. I did a liitle of my own research. I visited the company's site that created the d3o technology. It had a little more info on how the molecues come together to protect the people wearing these suits.
P.S. they are making a suit that you can wear to work...just kidding.