Friday, February 03, 2006

PS3 - Too good to be true?

There has been some more movement on the Sony Playstation 3 rumor mill. According to Playstation Magazine, the PS3 is going to be chock full of features - many of them sounding a little "pie in the sky" to me. The current generation PS was pretty weak in the online service category (compared to Microsoft's excellent XBOX Live), so it's not surprising that Sony would work on that. An online music/movie download service doesn't really surprise me either. What does catch my attention is the suggestion that the PS3 will function as both a DVR and a LocationFree base station. This would allow you to record and stream audio and video to your internet connected computer or PSP anywhere in the world. Oh yeah, and it also plays next generation video games. If Sony can implement these two features in a semi-reasonably priced package, I may just have to sell some plasma to get one.

Honey, where did you put the test tubes?

Sony Playstation 3: Say goodbye to your Tivo, your iPod, your..........Xbox 360? - HD Beat


Jay Pea Are said...

I was reading somewhere else that there will also be an I.V. that you can attach to your arm so that if you set up your PS3 in the bathroom you'll never have to leave it.

Alex said...

I would never play video games in the bathroom. There's no way you can fit a big-screen tv in there. I think a better solution would be to incorporate some sort of bed pan system into the hardware.