Thursday, February 16, 2006

Super Hero Ski-wear

Spyder, the company behind those funky-looking ski suits with the spiderweb graphics has incorporated one of the coolest technologies I've seen in a while - instant body armor - into its newest racing line. They are using a chemical, known as d3o, which changes its physical characteristic when pressure is applied. Under normal conditions, the chemical is thin and flexible, but any sudden force turns it rock hard. Once the force has subsided the chemical immediately reverts back to its resting state. Spyder has applied the compound to parts of its uniforms which are most likely to come in contact with gates, flags, mountain goats, etc. Using d3o has enabled skiers to forgo constricting forearm and shin padding while still protecting themselves. The US and Canadian ski teams are currently using these suits at the Olympics in Torino. I can see this same idea being carried into other sports; maybe soccer shinguards. By next week 50 cent will have a d3o wife-beater. Brotha got shot a few times, you know.

New Scientist Breaking News - US and Canadian skiers get smart armour


Jay Pea Are said...

This looks alot like the suit that I have in my secret lair. Except mine is made out of leather and has a ball attachment for me to put in my mouth. Sorry...wrong suit. Anyway, the only question I have, "Is the new suit machine washable or dry clean only?"

Alex said...

Jay Pea, this is the new model. It doesn't have the nipple cut-outs you're used to. I believe Spyder kept the D-ring around the collar for the dog chain though, so you're good.

frenchie said...

Is there a bullet-proof version painted with a giant "S" in front? That would be sahweeeet!