Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"WashDryIron" - Why I want it

I hate ironing. I have to wear a shirt and tie every day. I'm too cheap to take my clothes to a dry cleaner. Do you see a problem here? I suppose I could use the old "I swear it was ironed, but my shirt got wrinkled during my hour-long commute" excuse. But maybe there's another solution. Oliver Blackwell from the University of Plymouth in England thinks he's got one. He has created the "WashDryIron". As its name suggests, this machine washes, dries, and irons clothing without ever having to remove the clothes from the compartment. How are people reacting to this concept?

"A friend's father said he wouldn't have got married if I'd come up with this sooner," said Mr Blackwell.
The unit's capacity is a rather small 16 pieces, but if the price is right, the WashDryIron could pay for itself after a short time. Blackwell is currently showing off his design at a home show and is looking for some heavy-hitters to get the idea developed further. Good luck, man.

Design may be homeowners' choice - BBC News


Jay Pea Are said...

This would definetly beat my ritual of bringing my dress shirt in the bathroom with me while I take a shower to loosen the fabric and wrinkles, then throwing the shirt into the dryer to get rid of the heavy wrinkles. All I need now is a machine that will keep my pants wrinkle free while I drive so that I can actually wear my pants in the car while I drive instead of hanging my pants up in the back seat so they don't develop wrinkles and I can look good when I show up wherever I am going.

Alex said...

You see, this is further support for my movement to abolish SUVs. No one should sit high enough to have to see Jay Pea driving pantless. Boundries people.