Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What's Stevie J. got up his sleeve?

Apple is holding a press conference today to unveil some "fun new products". Cryptic as always. And, as expected, all of the Appleistas and media geeks are working themselves into a tizzy. Engadget held a little contest to see who could come up with the best mockup of what Mr. Jobs has cooking. Above is Joe B's submission, the iPod yocto. For those too lazy to look it up, yocto refers to a number on the order of 10-24 units. That's a 1 preceded by 23 zeros and a decimal point. I love the scanning electron microscope look. Notice how Joe's iPod comes complete with its own collection of much publicized scratches. Follow the link below to see the other top submissions. Some of them are tongue-in-cheek like the yocto, but others are excellent renderings of what Apple may have in store for us. I'm partial to the iPod DS design.

WWJD 3 - Results! - Engadget

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