Thursday, February 02, 2006

Xena - Warrior Planet

The debate surrounding the planetary status of 2003 UB313, aka "Xena", is about to get a little hotter. A group of scientists from the University of Bonn have just verified what many already suspected -- that 2003 UB313 is actually larger that Pluto. That is significant because, in the past, Pluto has kind of been considered the minimum size object to be classified as a planet. "Xena" was only recently discovered because its orbit around the sun is not in the same plane as all of the other planets. Many scientists are now calling for a decision from the international astronomical community. Either count 2003 UB313 as a planet or drop Pluto from the list too.

Icy Ball Is Larger Than Pluto. So, Is It a Planet? - New York Times


frenchie said...

It's obviously NOT a planet. Regardless of its size. I mean lok at the other planets. They are named Saturn, Mercury, Mars, etc... Pluto is a good name too, but what kind of planet name is 2003 UB313? Not a planet name at all, says I.

Alex said...

I think that is the naming convention for objects in our solar system.
if it does get classified as a planet, it will get a Greek or Roman deity's name.

frenchie said...

First of all, I was kidding (you seelee americahns have no sense af humeur). Secondly, I bet some big company will purchase the naming rights and call it "Planet McDonalds", or "".