Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Are '.com's about to get more expensive?

ICANN, the internet's governing body, just agreed to give VeriSign exclusive rights to administer all of the web's '.com' domains. The agreement has two controversial points: It gives VeriSign administrative rights through 2012 with "presumptive renewal", allowing them to re-up if they so choose. It also allows VeriSign to raise domain registration prices by 7% several times within the next six years. Many domain registrars are concerned that a virtual monopoly on '.com's will leave them at VeriSign's mercy. ICANN's move may have been motivated by a desire to end the suit and countersuit being litigated between the two companies. As a domain owner, I hope that VeriSign shows restraint in its pricing policies, assuming that the US Department of Commerce, ICANN's daddy, allows the deal to go through.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Deal done on .com domain future

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