Friday, March 10, 2006

Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Despite their own advice, it looks like the credit card companies will take just about anything when it comes to credit applications. Rob Cockerham decided to tear up and then reassemble one of the many credit card offers he routinely receives, just to see if the company would accept the application. To make things even more interesting, he changed the address and phone number that the card would be tied to while still being in his name (a tactic that an identity thief would employ to use your credit but still make sure you don't see the statements) The finished product is shown above - - it has clearly been pieced together with scotch tape. Well, a few weeks later, Rob's dad called to say he'd received a shiny new credit card. The account number is different, as is the address and phone number, so he would never have been the wiser had this really happened. The moral of the story: Ripping it up doesn't cut it. Shred it to death. Follow the link below to see Rob's step-by-step documentation (including screen shots from the credit card company's website recommending that people tear up any unwanted applications).

The Torn-Up Credit Card Application [Via BoingBoing]

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