Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Creepy/Cool Item of the Day

You've seen (and maybe even owned) those blacked-out silhouette pictures kids get made to immortalize their gigantic heads. Turn Your Head (a clever play on words once I thought about it) has a different approach. Using a lathe, they will turn your silhouette into a wooden work of art. You send them a picture, your choice of wood (walnut, maple, or cherry), and $150, and in a few weeks you've got a 3D copy of your puss. Since the silhouette negative is actually turned out of the wood (as opposed to being cut out of a flat block), you can look at the piece from any angle and still see the silhouettes. Check out the link to Turn Your Head for a few more pictures.

Turn Your Head [Via BoingBoing]


Jay Pea Are said...

Are you sure that this was cut out into the image of this young child, or is this one of those coincidence pictures that someone found on the internet.

Alex said...

Click on the link to Turn Your Head's website. There are more examples there.