Thursday, March 02, 2006

Get your own book published

Ever wish you could publish your own book? Got an idea for a great cookbook? Need to get a portfolio together? can help. Blurb is close to a public release of its free book design software. The software helps you get your text and pictures together using predesigned templates for cookbooks, baby books, photo books, portfolios, and blog books. Yeah, blog books. The software features a tool Blurb calls "Slurper" which grabs your favorite blog posts and slaps 'em together. Regardless of which template you choose, you can then send your compilation to Blurb for printing. Initial pricing is set at $30 for a bound, forty-page hardcover book. This sounds like a great gift idea or a fun keepsake. Did I just say "fun keepsake"? I'm getting old, man.

From Blogger to Published Author, for $30 and Up - New York Times

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