Wednesday, March 15, 2006

GUINNESS Technology

You'll have to forgive me, but I need to go a little "Book of Genesis" for a sec:

In the beginning there was Guinness Porter, and Arthur Guinness saw that it was good. Then Porter begat Extra Stout, who begat Draught, who begat the Draught Can (complete with the first Guinness widget), who begat the Draught Bottle (with the new and improved "rocket" widget) and all was good and fair in the world. But the boys over at the St. James' Gate Brewery couldn't rest until they'd recreated that perfect draft pint of darkness right in your living room. Enter the Guinness Surger. Now this may seem a little gimmicky at first; hell, it is a little gimmicky, but who cares? Here's how it works:

It's really rather clever, if we do say so ourselves! To create the GUINNESS® Draught magic, slowly pour the special GUINNESS® Draught SURGER® beer into your pint glass, place it on the SURGER® and press the button. The SURGER® sends ultrasonic sound through the beer activating that instant rush of GUINNESS® magic, creating a rich black body with a tight white creamy head.
For the skeptics out there, there's a video on Guinness' page demonstrating the surging action at work. Unfortunately, the Surger Kit (complete with Surger base, official Guinness tulip pint glass, and two cans of the special Surger beer) is only available in the UK for the moment, so it looks like I'll have to settle for the Draught Can on Friday night, but it was worth a mention anyway. Cheers!

[Via Gizmodo]