Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Laser Scissors

I used to think that anything with a laser attached was automatically cool - until I saw this. These "Laser Scissors" are being marketed to people who have trouble cutting in a straight line. While it's true that the laser will emit a perfectly straight line, won't that straight line shoot off in a different direction the second you move your hand?. Now, if you've already drawn a line and you're trying to follow it, the laser could come in handy, but then why not just cut along the friggin' line and be done with it? Can someone explain this to me? How many more lasers will be needlessly harmed before someone puts an end to this?

(I'm feeling a little dramatic today - my apologies)

Laser Scissors - Gizmodo


Jay Pea Are said...

What you don't understand is that with these scissors you can burn the retina before you poke someone's eye out.

frenchie said...

That's MUCH better than my laser guided plunger.