Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lego takes the next step

For several years now Lego has been giving uber-geek kids (and their uber-geek parents once bedtime rolls around) a way to get their robot on. The Lego Mindstorms kits have been much heralded for their design and flexibility, giving kids an open-ended platform to build programmable robots. But Lego is about to take the next step. The next iteration, Mindstorms NXT, is set for release in August. NXT will include four different types of sensors (ultrasound, light, touch, and sound) which can all be used to help your robot autonomously interact with its environment. More interestingly, NXT robots can be controlled via Bluetooth enabled devices. So, your cell phone will be able to tell Conky which way you want him to go next. The sample you see to the right is able to walk thanks to the included servo motors. The kit also includes an "intuitive, icon-based drag-and-drop program "building" environment" to help you program your creation. Lego has gathered a group of testers from outside of the company to put the $249 set through its paces and to look for possible enhancements. Look for it at the end of the summer.

Lego Mindstorms NXT [Via CNET]


Jay Pea Are said...

Is it my imagination or does this robot look just like "Johnny 5." Somebody needs to show all these robot engineers all the sci-fi movies where robots become aware and then they try to take over and kill humans. 2001 a Space Oddessy, I Robot, Terminator, Robocop 2, ect. If one thing should be outlawed for the sake of humanity it's the development of artificial intelligence.

Alex said...

Are you sure you want to say that out loud - - they can hear you!