Monday, March 27, 2006

Resistance is Futile - Part 3

I was visiting New York City on Friday, and couldn't help but notice the barrage of iPod ads on every corner. Even the most dilapidated buildings were plastered with iPod-clad silhouettes (which I suppose is better than looking at the dilapidated buildings themselves). The Apple advertising machine is everywhere. In fact, this image from Google Maps and a story coming from Boakes.Org leads us to believe that Apple is looking to flood E.T.'s home world with music players too. Pictured at right is a 220 acre formation, visible from near space, being constructed to look like an iPod. Maybe this is the backlash after the French legislature passed a law to force Apple to open up its digital rights management code to other music player manufacturers. Clearly, if Apple loses the French market, they'll need to find replacement consumers elsewhere; you know, like space. Here's the story according to Richard Boakes' post:

The ad, which depicts Apple’s flagship iPod product has been constructed on the site of an abandoned mineral mine in remote western Australia. It has been in development for almost two years since Apple’s founder Steve Jobs aquired the location during a game of poker with (the late) Australian publishing and gaming tycoon Kerry Packer.
Google Maps images are usually a few months old, so who knows what Mount iPod looks like today. I can't wait to see what Mr. Jobs does with one of the moons of Saturn he won at a shuffleboard tournament (I believe it was Titan, or maybe Calypso, it's hard to keep track).

Apple iPod: One Giant Leap for Advertising -
[Via New Launches]


frenchie said...

How many songs do you suppose this one holds?

Alex said...

I don't know, but for the price, you could probably get more storage from Creative.