Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Go on, take a load off

Lawn furniture can be such a pain sometimes. It's expensive, it fades, and it gets filthy. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just pull up some lawn and get cozy? Purves & Purves will let you do just that. Their Grass Armchair is designed to seamlessly incorporate seating into your lawn (as seamlessly as chair shaped mounds in your lawn can be incorporated). The kit includes a 14-piece cardboard frame (assembly required) and several grass seed packets. Just set up the frame, pour in your favorite topsoil (approximately 9 cubic ft worth), give 'er a good soak, and get your Johnny Appleseed on. The grass should start to pop up in about ten days. Let it grow to 5 inches and then trim it back to 2 inches. Any bald spots can be filled in with a little more seed. Now I just need to find a slightly larger version for those days when my Tree Ent friends stop by for a chat.

Grass Armchair [Via Treehugger]


Jay Pea Are said...

ch, ch, ch, chia...chair.

frenchie said...

Love the idea, but if they've thought about how difficult it would be to cut the grass.