Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kick back with a good book - or two - or three

For those of you who really want to immerse yourself in books, this is the chair for you. Italian company Nobody & Co brings you the Bibliochaise. This reading chair has approximately 150 slots for books arranged to almost completely surround the happy occupant. As with most things I've been posting about lately, I can't seem to find a price listed anywhere. I think I'd prefer a good old fashioned club chair, but hey, vive la difference. Either way, all you need is a good book and an afternoon rainstorm and you're all set.

Bibliochaise - Gizmodo


frenchie said...

That's a much better idea than the bibliocar they came out with. By the way, you have a typo: "I can't seen to find a price listed anywhere." I'm so snooty!

Alex said...

Yeah, sorry. Problem is that I read through the post so many times in a short span that I end up memorizing it instead of checking what's on the screen.