Friday, April 28, 2006

Move 'em up, get 'em out!

You've seen the kid at the mall. You know the one I'm talking about - - leashed to his mommy and daddy like some sort of canine companion. I for one find this completely . . . delightful. I know, I know. Isn't it cruel to tie up your kid, blah, blah, blah. To be honest, I don't see anything wrong with it. And now that I've got one of my own, I'm just trying to figure out how long I'll be able to keep her attached to me before we start to get strange looks from people. Maybe I'll loosen the leash a bit as I'm walking her down the aisle. Yeah, otherwise that night could get very weird.


So what are you supposed to do when you've got six kids and only two neurotic hands to go around? Get a Walkodile, of course. The Walkodile is the perfect mating of a high fashion safety patrol harness and some chain-gang style. Once everyone is clipped in, all you've got to do is lead a kid at the front of the group and the rest have no choice but to follow. No need to hire any cowboys to chase down strays. Your herd is locked down. I guess this means that the circus is going to have a real labor shortage on its hands, what without any little lost kids left to walk the tight rope or jump through fire for food and shelter. More proof that all of the good jobs are going overseas nowadays.

gizmag Article: The Walkodile


Jay Pea Are said...

The last time I heard of a set-up like this the person in the back was saying, "On Dasher on Dancer on Cupip and Blisen..." It's possible that if you have enough kids you can get them to pull your car and you can save a little on that $3.00 a gallon tank of gas.

frenchie said...

Things like this is why I an not a fan of the Americans.

Jay Pea Are said...

I always knew the French were always jealous. You stealing my lines just confirmed what i already knew.