Thursday, April 06, 2006

Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies

"It's a race! I'm winning!"
- Enrico Pollini

We here at the Homesteaders love us a rally. Cannonball Run was good fun; how could you beat a man rocking a mustache like Burt Reynold's? And surely you've heard of the Gumball 3000, with it's expensive exotic cars and looming risk of indefinite imprisonment in sketchy former Soviet Block countries.

Now there is an alternative - an almost anti-Gumball rally. Because when you enter the BABE, your mission is to buy the worst beater you can find. The rules of the rally mandate that any entry must cost less than $250. Keep in mind that the course runs from New York City to New Orleans (hence the name BABE - Big Apple to Big Easy), so these junkers have to sputter and wheeze through 1500 clicks on their probably inaccurate odometers. Because the rally takes place on public roads, all drivers have to follow normal traffic laws. But that's okay, because there is no prize for reaching New Orleans first. The goal is to finish . . . if you can. The winner is determined by how many points each finishing team accumulates through various tasks they must complete along the four day trip. There is a prize awarded to the team that hitchhikes furthest, meaning that all is not lost if that shadow of a car's former self eats it on the way south. Other prize categories include: Worst Bucket of Bolts, Team Who Suffered the Most (even if self inflicted), and Most Creative Repair Job. So if you're heading down the road and you see someone driving a big hunk of crap, give him a wave. If he's racing, he'll appreciate the encouragement. If he's just driving around in a big hunk of crap . . . well, he'll appreciate the encouragement anyway.

On a side note, I would suggest calling your financial advisor and picking up some stock in Duct Tape round about May of this year.

Crazy BABE seeks bangers to mash from Big Apple to New Orleans - Autoblog

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Jay Pea Are said...

To join the likes of other rally's this event needs an exentric billionaire shiek to endorse it and put up the prize. After all a rally with out an exentric shiek is no rally at all.