Monday, April 24, 2006

Throw another sausage on the barbie...

. . . a phrase that would sound slightly less strange had the Germans colonized Australia instead of the Brits, but what are you gonna do?

Friends, this is the Grilliput; a Lilliputian stainless steel grill for hikers and other burley outdoorsmen types. While I've never been camping myself (a fact my therapist thinks may have greatly contributed to my soft hands and overall nanciness) I do love camping gear. The beauty of this portable grill is exactly how portable it is: the whole unit fits into one screwtop support rod (pictured below). Obviously you aren't going to feed an army with this thing, but the Grilliput looks like a great tool for the pack-weight conscious traveler -- leaves more room for fireworks and Southern Comfort.

OhGizmo! Grilliput - Portable Grill

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Jay Pea Are said...

This migh actually be the second item promoted here that I purchase. The only reason that I may not buy it is because I am no that big of a camper/outdoorsman. Hell, I am barely a man.