Thursday, April 06, 2006

Too stylish for s'mores?

This fireplace designed by Jan Brauer is beautiful. I normally don't go for the "modern" look, but unlike many pieces done in that style, this design seems to be inviting and warm - and no, it's not because of the fire, jerky. Of course, you'll need to dedicate an entire room to hyper-expensive fireplace sitting - - a non-issue for most of us, right? I'm not sure how great-grandpappy would feel about spinning some yarns about the ol' days here. Perhaps it's a little too artsy for tall tales and ghost stories.

Hell, he can get his own house. What do you think?

"Greed for Quiet" Modern Fireplace by Jan Brauer


BikerMomma said...

That is very beautiful, but ... where do you put your feet??

Alex said...

Details, details . . . I said it was modern, not comfortable. Actually, it looks like the seats are set far enough from the fire to let you stretch out your legs.