Friday, April 14, 2006

We already 'ave one. It's very nize.

You just don't see enough seize engines around anymore. I suppose they aren't really in high demand now that every third grader has an AK-47 sitting next to his PB&J at school. It's a shame. Catapults and trebuchets (pictured at right respectively) were the backbone of our warring European castle-storming past. The art and science of flinging isn't completely dead though. I've seen a few specials on the Discovery Channel about clubs that get together every year or so to test their creations against each other. Good times. Anyway, ThinkGeek, arbiters of all things geeky, is selling functioning scale models in both tossing flavors. Both are roughly a foot cubed and assemble with a little glue and some love. At under $30, how could you not want one of these?

(Thanks, Chuck!)

ThinkGeek :: Catapult and Trebuchet Kits


Jay Pea Are said...

This is great for my monday night D&D meetings.... I mean gathering of friends.

Alex said...

D&D?! You are such a geek! Oh, wait, I was there too.

frenchie said...

You got that right Alex. Geeks for sure. I know this because of my special +3 vs. Dork and Geek detection glasses. (snort snort)