Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bookman is watching - - watching and waiting

We've mentioned book-enveloped chairs here, so we're fans of the written word, but never before have we had to deal with leering anthropomorphized bookcases looking ready to pounce the very second we turn out the lights and leave even an inch of skin exposed from the protective shield of our woobies.

Not that I still use a blankie.

I mean, it's in my closet, but only for emergencies see.

Right, so Bookman is a mahogany gentleman willing to hold on to your books (up to 100 standard volumes) so long as you keep him happy. We aren't sure what that entails, but if I got one I'd figure it out real fast. He's made to order, which does ease our fears of Bookman-filled warehouses awaiting some sort of signal to begin the Bookman Uprising against the Readers (as we are known to their kind). Seriously, does anyone else find him rather menacing? I mean, he looks pissed off.

Any Amount of Books: Bookman [Via OhGizmo!]


frenchie said...

Bookman? That's not clever. Why not develop a Bookworm? THEN you could really show all your friends how witty you are... of course someone who's willing to buy this probably has no friends.

Jay Pea Are said...

I'm not sure how menacing "book man" is, because I tend to see menacing in the eyes. However, he definetly has attitude. Is bookman british? He seems to have that british smugness to him.

Alex said...

Jay Pea, why do you have so much anger towards the international crowd? First you were riding Frenchie, and now this. We're trying to build bridges here, my friend.