Monday, May 15, 2006

Can you hear me now? Good.

If you live out in the boonies like I do (hence the Homesteader moniker), then you know the cellphone reception dance well. It's the newest craze sweeping the nation where you spend most of your time asking someone you are desperately trying to have a conversation with if he can hear a word you're saying. And I'm twice cursed because I'm a chronic pacer, so my calls often take on an epic ground control to lunar lander echo, buzz, and fade.

What I need is a Dock-N-Talk. This base unit allows you to bridge (via cable or Bluetooth) your cellphone to your home phone system. You find the sweet spot in your home with strong cellular coverage and leave the dock in place. From there, you can use your wired or portable home phone around the house as if you were using a traditional land line. This is not the first or only cellphone docking system, but it seems to be a nice implementation of the concept. The Bluetooth connectivity is especially nice.

OhGizmo! Dock-N-Talk Cellphone Docking Station


frenchie said...

Have I mentioned that you find some pretty damn good gadgets online? If this were as cheap as the Gorillapod, I'd buy it right away. Sadly, I am not a bazillionaire and will have to place it 4th on my "Cool toys I wanna buy" Queue. (fyi, 1st is a couch. the floor is so cold and painful on the buttox.)

Jay Pea Are said...

I love have we all have theses cell phones that we can use anywhere in the United States except for in our home. I think that the phone companies are doing this on purpose so that we will continue a subscription to our land lines.