Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dog Helmet

As if Doggles weren't enough to make your canine companion look like a hard-ass mofo, Zoomer Gear brings you an old school biker helmet tough enough to turn "Phillip" into "Killer". Yeah, he's a real hellhound who'll just as soon drink you under the table as slit your throat in the alley. He eats sand for breakfast, turns it into shards of glass with his Wild Turkey soaked gullet, and then poops it out in the corner of your living room (under the antique nesting tables your grandma gave you in her will). 'Cause that's just how he rolls. For less than $30 you can give your dog as much street cred as a prison tattoo, without all the awkward questions about dealing with loneliness during long periods of confinement.

OhGizmo! Dog Helmet


Jay Pea Are said...

To be trully badass, that helmet needs a giant metal stike on top. Especially if you plan on training your dog to charge others.

frenchie said...

...or if your dog is a German Shepherd.