Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hand over your rights

Want to start a fuss next time you travel? Security Edition can help. They've printed the first ten amendments to the U.S Bill of Rights on handy dandy pocket-sized metal plates. Guaranteed to set off metal detectors, these make for great ironic protests. Loudly ask if you're being required to hand over your rights as you drop them onto the screening table.

Just recently my carry-on was pulled aside and searched at the airport. Cotton swabs were swiped, alarms were sounded, supervisors were called. Some cleaners were applied to the bomb sniffer, bags were reswabbed. Surprise, surprise; no bombs were found and this annoyed passenger was released. I was losing my mind with outrage. I probably looked very suspicious at the time. I really felt like my privacy was being invaded. How about using all of that TSA money to keep people with expired or unlawful visas out of the country. That would have prevented a certain catastrophe, eh? I guess I'm getting old and ornery.

Bill of Rights Security Edition - Gizmodo

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Frank said...

alligators are ornery cause they have all those teeth and dont have a toothbrush