Thursday, May 04, 2006


Sprint is offering a new diet-by-phone service for the low, low price of $9.99 per month. Here's the deal: Before every meal, you take a picture of your plate using your cameraphone and email it to a meal log. At the end of the week, a nutritionist will send you a personalized video telling you what a fatty you are and how you only have 3 weeks left to live. Luckily, you're neglecting to send in pictures of the copious amounts of alcohol you've been consuming, so he doesn't know you are slowly preserving your flesh Keith Richards style. You're going to live forever -- Forever!

MyFoodPhone cameraphone dieting, $10/month with Sprint - Lifehacker


Jay Pea Are said...

Who eats what is in the picture? V8, baby carrots and celery, and an alfa aprout sandwich? Is this a picure of what is fed to Barbaro?

frenchie said...

I tried this for a week. I sent them a bunch of pictures of what I've been eating and they sent me back a picture of the grim reaper. Is that bad?