Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Standing-Room Only

Airbus needs to drop a little coin on marketing research. It seems that the French airline is under the impression that we as customers are entirely too comfortable in the air and could stand to lose a little elbow room. Their newest seating design shrinks the distance between rows from 30 inches to 25 inches and places the passenger in a strange pseudo-squat position. Isn't that what some fraternities do to haze pledges?

Now, I'm not a big guy and as it is I'm already rubbing shoulders suggestively with the guy next to me whenever I fly. As enchanting as that may sound, it really makes for a few awkward hours of personal hell. The guys over at Gizmodo called this...

"...the next step toward sliding passengers into drawers resembling a morgue, or packing them onto layered plank-bunks reminiscent of 17th-century slave ships."
Next week they'll be asking us all to get out and help push the plane away from the terminal and onto the runway. You know, to keep prices down.

Airbus Industries Standing-Room Concept - Gizmodo


Jay Pea Are said...

Things like this is why I an not a fan of the french.

frenchie said...

You Americahns zink you know anyzing about ze frehnch but you ahre sad and pazetic, leeving in yeuhre sheltehred cohntree, making seelee remahrks about a culture ewe know nozing about. I speet on yohr seelee ignorant remahrks! ptwee!

Alex said...

fight, fight, fight!