Wednesday, June 07, 2006

"...and that's how we beat the reds, son."

While the days of Bert telling us to duck and cover if the Commies ever drop "The Big One" are long gone, the current looming threat of terrorist activity is rekindling those old Cold War sentiments across the country. So, in light of this renewed common enemy of life, liberty, and BBQ, I propose two new nationwide initiatives:

1) We should institute the "No child left behind without a child-sized anti-toxin breathing apparatus as if that would really stop the airborn flesh-eating acid from getting him eventually Act"

2) We should refer to the terrorists as "the reds". No good reason for this, other than it has a certain . . . je ne sais quoi.

[thanks for the spell check, Frenchie]

Spycatcher [Via Engadget]

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frenchie said...

Lets see how much fear can really boost sales. By the way, it's "je ne sais quoi"