Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Bikamper doesn't camp both ways

We're big into kit here at The Homesteaders. While we often scoff at the products companies send us for testing (and by that I mean products sent to real sites, which I then read about and post here - but let's not split hairs), sometimes we do find some excellent items for your viewing pleasure. The Bikamper is one of them. Like the Grilliput, this is a great compact piece of equipment designed to take the heft out of actually getting outside every once in a while. The Bikamper is a svelte 3lb. weatherproof tent for one that foregoes the traditional weight and hassle of support poles and instead uses your bike's frame and front wheel for support. Just think of all the extra cheesy-poofs and baked beans you can pack when your tent is this light. The Bikamper does look rather small though, so you may want to leave a flap open if you plan on consuming said items in large quantities. Tread lightly!

the cool hunter - THE BIKAMPER

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