Friday, June 30, 2006

From our "Deeply Disturbing" Dept . . . Genpet

So, this is where we usually insert some clever phraseology with regards to whatever net garbage we've chosen to assail you with. But sometimes . . . sometimes we just can't think of the right words. We encourage you to click on the link below to find out more about this particular post. Here's a sample of what you'll find:

The Only Bioengineered Buddy. Available in 7 different personality types.

Color Coding

Each personality type of the Genpets has been linked to its respective colour, and that color is then used as a base for each package. (Read more)

Heart Monitor
Each package has a built in low cost heart monitor that is fully functional, with green LED lights and built in speaker. (Read more)

Fresh Strip

Every single package includes an easy to use "fresh gauge". Four simple blue LED lights display the status of the Genpet™. The display will also display if the Genpet™ has been sitting on the store shelf too long, or if the package circuitry has malfunctioned in some way.(Read more)

Bio-Genica IV System
While the Genpets hang on the store shelves they are in a form of hibernation. Each Genpet™ package has a special nutrient feeding tube attached to it, supplying our specially formulated mix and keeping them healthy and asleep.

Genpet™ Restraints
Restraining the pets in their packaging ensures no damage to the product, as well as allowing for optimal consumer viewing.

*Genpet™ life may vary depending on temperature and Genpet™ freshness) - Bioengineered Buddies!


frenchie said...

Dude, is this for real? What I mean to say is, Is this for real!?!? Kinda looks like a human fetus. Not exactly as cute as a tickle-me Elmo.

Jay Pea Are said...

Warning to all! Don not buy this product! This is how the invasion occurs! The aliens from Mexico have found a new way to imfiltrate our borders!

Jay Pea Are said...

That looks like the alien that pops out of the guys stomach in the movie aliens.

He who hold the pickle said...

Creepy, just plain creepy. The kid in the picture is really disturbing. That is just too much joy in recieving what could be the weirdest toy ever.