Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Plant Ring

The Homesteaders is quickly degrading into some sort of Earth-worship blog. This is not good. Could we be losing our edge? Edgy defines us. We're done with the granola posts - - after this last one.

For those of you who, like, really feel connected to Gaia and whatever, we bring you The Plant Ring. It is, not surprisingly, a ring with a living plant in it. The greenery survives by passing a tentacle through a small opening at the base of the ring and gently sucking the immortal soul from the wearer.

I completely fabricated that fact. The tentacle may just feed on human blood.

So now we've gone soft and lost all journalistic integrity. Let's end this one before we tread into the murky, murky waters of libel.

Jewelry for nature lovers: Plant Ring - The Design Blog

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Jay Pea Are said...

I once saw an old horror movie where the japaneese imported all of these plants into the United States. Halfway through the movie the plants made all of the round eyes into zombies except for a few. The trick to bring back there friends was to sing to them very badly from a karoke machine. So don't ever say that I didnt' warn you guys.