Friday, June 09, 2006

Simian Sandals

Some people have issues with feet. It may be unreasonable, but feet can be scary. For those who live in mortal fear of the foot, there has been a disturbing fashion trend on the rise. First there were Tabi (Japanese socks with the big toe separated from the rest of the boys), then ToeSox (freaky gloves for your feet), and now FiveFingers. Until now, the footophobic (I can't find a name for the fear of feet) have been comforted by tabi and toesox being safely tucked away in shoes or partially hidden by sandals. But FiveFingers are out there for everyone to see, flagrantly flexing each individual toe in a hypnotic ape-like dance.

These were originally designed to mimic the sensation of running barefoot, while still providing some measure of protection to the wearer. For $70 we shouldn't have to worry about them becoming too common place, but knowing what we know about the future of our people, we should be careful where this leads. One highly regarded documentary, The Planet of the Apes, warns where this evolutionary path is taking us. It starts with unnatural footwear and ends with a cage, a leash, and a nasty scar on the frontal lobe. You've been warned.

Five Fingers Shoe –the finest of all barefoot running shoes - New Launches

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