Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's the hard-knock life...

...It's the hard-knock life FOR US!

It's 2:30 on a Wednesday afternoon and Miss Hannigan is passed out drunk next to a bathtub full of gin (again). How are you and the other orphans supposed to get the place cleaned up and still get your big song and dance number in before she comes to? You'll just have to multitask. Strap on your Flip Flop Mops and make with the cleaning, kid. Sure, flip flops are a less than ideal choice for dramatic movements, but beggars can't be choosers. And don't forget your motivation: "'Steada treated, we get tricked! 'Steada kisses, we get kicked!"

OhGizmo! Flip Flop Mop - Function Following Form


Jay Pea Are said...

Just two questions: 1) Do you dunk your whole foot into the bucket? 2) Will they now market soap that instead of not giving you "dish pan hands", now won't give you "floor sud feet"?

Jay Pea Are said...

It looks like to me that someone just came from the beach after stompning on some squids.