Thursday, August 10, 2006

This is why we blog...

Here it is everyone: Our dream product. This is the gadget we've been waiting for since November. It's advanced technology like this that prompted us to build The Homesteaders command center and to keep up this mildly interesting stream of intermittent prose. Indicatears, man. I say again, Indifriggincatears. I want to personally thank Gizmodo for bringing this to the world's attention.

We have reached a point in history where the mere act of saying "excuse me" or "oops, sorry" has been rendered obsolete. From this point forward, major cities will shine brighter than ever before. Now sidewalks and crosswalks will teem with lights quickly bouncing in rhythm with their wearer's gait. Speech will be unnecessary. Eye contact - - for barbarians. Throngs of pedestrians will move with clockwork efficiency. Octogenarian slowing down the herd? Flip on your passing signal. Meeting oncoming foot traffic on a narrow sidewalk? Use your Indicatears to make your directional intentions known. Crashing from caffeine withdrawal on the way to your 3 o'clock coffelito? Time to turn on your hazards while you regain your strength. Once someone has incorporated an iPod interface . . . well, that will prove that our resistance has indeed been futile.

Indicatears - Blinkers For The Ear - Gizmodo

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eh... cognitively thread!