Thursday, August 10, 2006

Where was I last night?

Our beloved technological tormenter, Sony, brings us this handy GPS camera accessory. The clip-on unit tracks your movements while you snap photographs and can later be synchronized with the timestamps from your pictures. The resulting photo locations can then be laid out on a map.

Some of you out there may find this item of particular interest; not because you want to remember which Florentine cathedral you were standing in front of as the sun was setting, but because you can't remember who that girl is in those 45 pictures you have from last night. Or where that bar was. Or how you ended up in your uncle's tool shed. Or where you got that still-fresh tattoo of an ostrich sitting next to a pot of gold.

So many questions.

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1 comment:

he who holds the pickle said...

I got married so I won't need one of these. See after a good bender my better half loves nothing better than to recall to me in gory detail the past evening's shenannigans