Tuesday, August 15, 2006

You'll shoot your eye out

We're constantly popping bottles of Cris here at The Homesteaders crib; what with so many Benjamins laying about the premises. We feel it is the best way to get our crunk up in this here hiz-ouse.

Okay, that may or may not have been a thinly-veiled and pathetic attempt to appeal to an under-served urban demographic. We're trying to build bridges here, people. Who's reaching out to the street geek?

If you've ever lost an eye in a horrific champagne accident, or perhaps one of ya boyz has been unfortunate enough to take a cork to the temple, then the Cork Catcher may be for you. I'm sure we'll get a flood of email from the eye patch industry, but we're willing to take them on in the name of ocular safety.

In case the function of the Cork Catcher is not painfully obvious: you slip the device over the top of your "bub" and let her rip. The gadget gets between the speeding cork and your cornea. Having escaped the reaper's sythe a few times already, we wouldn't dare open another bottle of Dom without it. Cheers!

The Cork Catcher Prevents Champagne Related Injuries | OhGizmo!

1 comment:

frenchie said...

That ranks pretty high on my list of the worlds most useless items. Anyone can prevent a cork from flying off with their own hand. What they need to invent is a Champagne "Cork Target".