Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Have we met before?

While we're on the topic of concept rings, we should mention this design by Hideaki Matsui. It's called the Information Ring. Yeah, he's got to work on that.

When two people wearing these rings shake hands, the rings automatically exchange information about the wearers. That information can later be viewed using a card interface, with the ring functioning as a control knob. Seems like a great idea for business conferences and/or speed dating.

This is a great concept, but it's a little scary at the same time. How much longer before we've got the Minority Report scenario, with billboards calling out to us, by name, as we walk by? I suppose this is a little different, because we can choose when to wear the ring . . . for now. The US government is already placing RFID tags on our passports. These tags contain personal information, much like the magnetic strip on the back of some driver's licenses and credit cards. The only difference is that RFID can be read from a distance without any physical contact. You'll never know you've been sniffed. Oh, and some religious types claim that RFID is the Mark of the Beast described in the Book of Revelations. RFID also keeps college kids from stealing textbooks from their local bookstore, freeing up more cash for beer. When will the madness end?

Information Ring - Yanko Design


frenchie said...

This wouldn't fly in Miami, where men and women greet each other with a kiss on the cheek. However, a nose ring might work...

Jay Pea Are said...

Well, at least in this case you have the opportunity to wear the ring. It's not like the microchip that the government implanted under my skin years ago that I have been trying to remove or the anal probe that was inserted by aliens against my will.