Thursday, September 21, 2006

It burns the flesh

Let's say that somehow, despite your complete social ineptitude, you tricked a real live, flesh and blood, non-inflatable woman into marrying you. The last thing you want to do is screw it up. And there are few ways to screw up faster than forgetting your anniversary. We're talking severe consequences here, people. She's taking half of your comic book collection when she walks out that door.

So, if a little pain now could save you a lot of pain later, would you go for it? Perhaps you should try the Remember Ring (concept) from Alaska Jewelry. This simple looking band is available in a few different finishes and comes to you programmed with a date of your choice. 24 hours before the requested date, the Remember Ring heats up to 120º F for 10 seconds. It then repeats that cycle every hour, all day long.

Now, this thing isn't going to sear your digits, but at 120º F you'll notice it - unless of course you're accustomed to a burning sensation around your ring finger. If that's the case, you may want to spend a few moments reflecting on any past relationships with husband-chasing Haitian voodoo priestesses that may have gone sour thanks to your fear of commitment. What? It happens.

Remember Ring gives you a burning reminder - Gizmodo


Derek said...

That is super awesome, tell me when it acutally comes on sale

frenchie said...

Maybe they should design a more advanced version of this ring, which will automatically and wirelessly connect to the internet a week early to order a nice gift for your significant other.

he who holds the pickle said...

My wife had something similar installed around my neck. It zaps me whenever she hits a button.

Mark Bonachea said...

This is all a huge trick....Men stay away this is a ploy for wives to sneak tracking devices on our bodies...Shhhh she's watching must type cryptic "yete dajshaky eyshan".