Thursday, September 21, 2006

It was how big?

I have friends who simply refuse to step foot into anything resembling a "brick and mortar" store unless it is absolutely necessary. I think there are three basic reasons for this, two of which are pillars of the geek credo:

1)You can usually find better prices online.
2)You can make your purchases without anyone judging your "I <3 Wookies" t-shirt.
3)You can eliminate the need for any of those awkward "offline social interactions".

I'll let you guess which two are part of the geek code. So why do I bring this up? Because buying things online takes a little guts. Is that buffet going to fit in your dining room? Is that lamp going to block your view? Is that life size cardboard cutout of the Millennium Falcon going to obstruct any emergency exits? Without being able to see something in person, it can be difficult to gauge relative sizes, even when the retailer provides dimensions.

Luckily, there's an online tool just dying to help you out - Sizeasy. All you need to do is key in your dimensions (in inches) and choose an everyday object to compare it against. Sizeasy then generates an image showing your object's relative size and shape. You can view the image from several perspectives. The interface is easy to use and the images are nicely rendered. Good stuff.

Figure out how big it is before you buy it - Download Squad

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