Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wurkin Stiffs

We like magnets. Unfortunately, until now magnets have been relegated to useless applications like keeping high speed trains moving safely, preventing dangerous subatomic reactions from blowing out walls in laboratory basements, and harmlessly slicing humans open with magnetic resonance imaging. Nothing too impressive.

But don't get down on our sticky friends just yet. Innovators, like those behind Würkin Stiffs, are trying to harness that wasted potential. They've created magnetic collar stays. Stays are those "thingies" (often plastic) that you slide into a slit on your spread collar shirts. They keep your collar from curling.

Thing is, sometimes the damned thing just won't stay in place. And unless your name is Vito or Manny, you really want to avoid that heinous, blown-out disco collar look. Don't fret, neodymium is here to save the day. Würkin Stiffs slide into your collar like regular stays, but are unique in that they also come with small yet powerful magnets which hold the collar points in the desired position from inside your shirt. You can have the button-down collar look without the buttons or you can strategically spread your collar to look as if you totally don't care how it looks.

The designers have a few other factors working in their favor:
1) They used an umlaut in the product name. Automatic points for that.
2) Check out the "Our Resume" page on their site. References to our favorite eugoogalizor are handsomely rewarded.

Würkin Stiffs are available from their site (link below, as always) for $19.95.

Würkin Stiffs [via Dethroner]

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