Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Build a better meal

Good design is good design. That was a really insightful sentence, wasn't it? You know what I mean. Designers are taking bits and pieces of classic designs and applying them in non-traditional ways. Take for example the LEGO Man. He's simple, he's got interchangeable parts, and he's held every job possible, from firefighter to wizard. If you met him in the street though, you'd probably think of him as more of a drifter with "multiple personality disorder" than a hero, given that he can't hold down a job but can remove his own legs at a moment's notice. Such is the hypocrisy of society. LEGO Shop at Home has drafted LEGO Man and a few other random LEGO blocks into culinary service. While it may seem strange to apply toy design to kitchenware, I think LEGO's got it right. Severed heads aside, the other products are whimsical, but still very attractive.

On a side note, I can't be the only one who's noticed that "geek chic" is really taking off. It seems that the "influence movers", people who mold public tastes and purchases, are really embracing things that just a few years ago would have been fatal to your reputation. Writers for movies and television are making more and more geeky references. Technology is in. Games are in. Weezer will be next year's biggest band (OK, that may be a stretch, but let's run with it, eh?). It's all coming together people.

Lego gear - Slashfood

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I only have one question. In which head do you put the salt?