Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ground Control to Major Tom

Perhaps you, much like myself, have a perfectly good wooden fence separating you from your most excellent neighbor (made most excellent primarily through complete invisibility). These defenders of privacy are sturdy, attractive, and decidedly not transparent -- all brilliant qualities in boundary demarcation (we research these things; polls are taken).

So, what does your dog think about your choice of fencing? Have you taken Baxter's needs into consideration? Maybe he'd like to geek-out his little corner of the universe. The PetPeek should be tops on his backyard wish list. For a hair under $30 you can finally let your dog see what he's been barking at incessantly for the last 5 years. Chances are this will only focus his energy instead of satisfying his curiosity, but, hey, I'm no Dog Whisperer. You'll also get the added benefit of affording anyone on the outside of your fence a perfect view of your previously hidden sanctuary. Enjoy defending your collection of "Ewok Village" themed lawn gnomes and your dutifully trimmed orc warrior bonsai sculpture at the next Homeowners Association meeting.

The PetPeek [Via OhGizmo!]

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frenchie said...

I can see that being usefull with dark tints... kinda like those Big-Brother-is-watching camera bubbles you see in large stores.