Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just to remind, please rewind

Here's a grand piece of g-bage sure to confuse the hell out of all your mindless sheep friends. The DVD Rewinder has been around for a while, but for some reason it has popped back up into the blogosphere.

Many consumers are not aware of the long term damage caused to both DVDs and DVD players when a disc is not rewound after each use. The movie industry has colluded with consumer electronics manufacturers to disable the rewind feature on DVD players in an effort to force us to purchase replacement media and players. Don't fall for their tactics!

We'd also like to note that The Home Depot has added cantilevered and self-anchored suspension bridges to it's extended online catalog. Let us know how your installation goes.

The DVD Rewinder - DV Guru [thanks, Chuck]


frenchie said...

It's about damn time they come out with one of these. I am tired of rewinding DVDs on my own. I bought one as soon as I finished reading the article. I'll put it right next to my pet rock, which I totally found on sale for $9.99!

Bonafide said...

What tha bleep! why didn't I think of this...Its a must own for all...Its as useful as the cure all natural alternative medication sold on infomercials...