Friday, October 06, 2006

Resistance is Futile - Part 5

There is no escaping the Pod. We're haunted by visions of Cube dwelling elves and man-made formations visible from space. Even Mickey and his empire have been drafted into the fruit army. Perhaps if we just lay down for a few moments, we'll be able to clear our heads. Ah, yes, sweet rest. Wait a sec, what's that sound? Do you hear it? It seems to be coming . . . from . . . this . . . pillow . . . NOOOOO!!!

Geek equipment shop ThinkGeek presents the MP3 Pillow. Now, I don't think anyone is supposed to believe that this was inspired by any old generic MP3 player, but we can assume TG wanted to avoid one of Apple's now famous "cease and desist" nastygrams.

This standard size pillow not only looks like a giant plush iPod, but it also plays music from an internal speaker. The back of the pillow has a slot for connecting your music player (and not just iPods). Strangely, the buttons on the front actually work. You might want to turn the thing off before you fall asleep though. You don't want to run the risk of skipping to one of your angry breakup play lists and doing something crazy while you sleep. And hide your wallet while you're at it. Who knows what sort of subliminal propaganda issues forth from that speaker whilst you dream of electric sheep. $19.95.

MP3 Pillow - ThinkGeek

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